Gay top or bottom test

I'd be on top because I said so. I'd be on the bottom because I want my hands free to pull my partner's hair and watch them on me. I'd be on the bottom because I love having my partner on top and controlling me. I'd be on the bottom because I want to see if I like it for a change.

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I'd be on the bottom because I love the feeling of my partner on top of me. Very rarely. A lot-almost always. Almost always. Very rarely-occasionally. Frequently-almost always.

My lover doing whatever I want. Me receiving amazing sex. Me being pleasured via kinky methods. My partner having a mind-blowing orgasm beneath me. I initiate a hot ice cream make out session.

They have the first lick of the cone. I have the first lick of the cone. I put a dot of ice cream on my nose to look like a cat. I cuddle right up against them and get as close as possible. I take my partner in my arms and compliment the heck out of them. I am the big spoon and we fall asleep. I am the little spoon and hold hands with my partner.

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Yes, I get more compliant. No, I am always a bit meeker. Yes, I get more demanding. No, I am always an instigator.

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Being surprised by a hot and rough kiss. Being surprised by a thorough and passionate kiss. Surprising my partner with an intense and satisfying kiss. Surprising my partner with a wild, unrestrained kiss. A generally kinky top. A generally vanilla top. A generally vanilla bottom.

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A generally kinky bottom. Comments Change color.

Am I A Top Or A Bottom?

Atlas I hope that one day I'll meet my loving partner. Chan Gai boi A top is a partner who prefers to penetrate his partner—as opposed to a bottom, who prefers to be penetrated. Explaining the terms this way, however, is a bit of an oversimplification. These preferences each typically come with preconceived notions about the types of people who fit each one—but whether these ideas ring true matters only to you and your partner.

Are You A Top Or A Bottom?

This isn't always the case, though. That's why the best way to determine if you're a top or bottom is to experiment with your partner. If you keep an open mind and go into sex without a predetermined idea of what should happen, you and your partner will likely fall into your natural preferences. Do what feels right to you both, and let nature take its course.

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Your preference will make itself clear in time. Sure, some guys know right away which they prefer, even before having sex for the first time. Chances are, even if they've never had anal with other guys, they have experimented during masturbation. That's also a safe, stress-free way to shed light on your pleasure preference.

Even still, some guys prefer not to label themselves or are more versatile—meaning they enjoy both topping and bottoming.