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Personally, I am sensitive, compassionate, non-judgmental and sincere. Regardless of your circumstance or appearance, you will always be treated with dignity and respect.

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Put your confidence in my ability to make you comfortable without apprehension or self-consciousness. People often say that I have a disarming smile, a delightful sense of humor and a natural gift for making others feel special. Your feelings are more important to me than your money.

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I value direct and honest communication and will deliver what is promised, or you pay nothing. I am not a hustler, but rather a conscientious professional with that increasingly rare moral faculty, otherwise known as a conscience, who will never take advantage of anyone.

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My rates are competitive with other quality escorts and I'm confident that you will find my services a far better value. Fees are for time only. Rest assured, your privacy and trust will never be compromised and absolute discretion is exercised at all times. I am the perfect choice for the busy executive or anyone seeking to avoid the entanglements of conventional relationships. Stop taking chances by connecting with random guys on social media applications such as Grindr, ManHunt and Scruff. Instead, make a responsible choice with me for guaranteed safety and satisfaction.

Find out for yourself how an exceptionally warm and caring man who is eager to please can make a big difference in your life. Please email, text or call today! Click here to email Jon now!

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  3. Hello, I'm Eric Hassan.
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  5. He consistently rates the highest in terms of professionalism and quality in every respect. Your professionalism, performance, equipment body , attitude, and joie de vie are unrivalled. You certainly have the knack of making me feel special; I'm sure all your clients feel the same way. Share Profile. Contact Me. Click to get my phone number and give me a call now!

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    Send me an email now! Send me a Membership Gift! Submit a Review about me. Find me on Twitter. Find my Profile on a different domain.

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    GOLD Escort. Read All Reviews about thedudenextdoor Reviewed by Mattjb , 02 Apr, Everything I could expect and more! Time Spent:. Updated on: I listen. I look people in the eye. I use my manners. I express my gratitude. I do my best to consider how my actions and movements might impact those around me.

    What would you like your readers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal? I have a strong, daily spiritual practice that informs my world-view and guides me in my daily life. I make sure I learn something new every day. Even if we don't connect or get along, I will respect your spirit, no matter what.

    I'm confident enough to "march to my own drum" and keep my focus on promoting peace and love. I view sex and relationships and life differently than most people I know.

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